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Make possible what you want - anywhere and anytime.

With Power X-Change by Einhell

Do you want to turn your garden into a paradise of well-being without constantly tripping over extension cords? Then make it happen! You want to move your creative workshop wherever you want, not where there are sockets? Then make it happen!

Why be limited by cables when you can easily become an enabler in your home, garden or workshop with the cordless freedom of Power X-Change cordless tools? Simply click in the battery and get started right away with one of over 200 tools and garden tools.

Discover now the stars of our international TV campaign for your unlimited DIY possibilities!

Cordless freedom in the garden

When gardening becomes leisure time

"Power X-Change gives you cordless freedom when gardening and with the Freelexo robotic lawnmower you have even more time for other projects."

TV stars

at a glance

Robot lawn mower


The all-rounder. The Einhell FREELEXO 1200 LCD BT belongs to the powerful Power X-Change family, which enables limitless flexibility within the battery system. Thanks to the LCD display, the Freelexo LCD BT is easy and convenient to operate in combination with Bluetooth app control, and the multi-zone mowing mode makes it suitable even for complex, winding gardens. 

Cordless Hedge Trimmer


The precise one. Another powerful member of the Power X-Change family is the ARCURRA 18/55 Cordless Hedge Trimmer. Its blades are made of laser-cut and diamond-ground steel and are designed for maximum precision and durability. With a cutting length of 55 centimetres, the battery hedge trimmer achieves up to 2,700 cuts per minute. 

Cordless Garden Pump


The powerful one. The AQUINNA garden pump gets its energy from 2x18 V Power X-Change batteries. This means that rainwater, well water or cistern water can be used in the garden and greenery at home at any time. The two-stage ECO switch ensures that the water pump is set correctly, thus saving money and protecting the environment. Frost and thermal protection protects the pump in every season.

More TV stars

at a glance

In addition to FREELEXO, ARCURRA and AQUINNA, other Power X-Change gardening tools have made it to the big screen. Whether watering, trimming lawns and hedges or working on shrubs - with Power X-Change, gardening almost becomes leisure time.

All-rounder & power pack

The Multi-Ah 4-6 Power X-Change battery pack

At the heart of Einhell's multifunctional and infinitely combinable Power X-Change battery system is the 18V 4-6 Ah Multi-Ah PXC PLUS. The universally applicable Power X-Change batteries supply all cordless tools of the entire product family in the garden and workshop sector with power and endurance. The advantages for the customer are obvious: with one battery and one charger for all tools, you not only save considerable costs at the time of purchase, the universal application option protects the environment and at the same time offers flexibility in the home and garden. 

Starring in the supporting roles

Our Enablers

You can currently see the Enabler on TV again: One of the new Einhell TV spots takes you out into the garden. In the other, our Anna and André get active support from the world of motorsport: As part of the cooperation with BMW i Motorsport, Roger Griffiths, team boss of BMW i Andretti Motorsport, explains why they have appreciated the cordless freedom of Einhell's Power X-Change battery-powered tools in their pit lane for several years.

Battery power that convinces

Power X-Change in the Formula E racing garage

"We are using the Einhell tools every single day - and they are probably used ten times harder than anybody using them at home. The reliability has been a hundred percent. And the best thing about using the Einhell range is, it is the same battery that goes in every different tool."
Roger Griffiths
BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team Principal

Our TV Stars

Strong performance in the racing garage

Cordless Drill

Robust all-rounder

The Einhell cordless drill and screwdriver TE-CD 18/50 Li BL Solo is a robust all-rounder for jobs that require tangible power for fast and accurate results and where the hobby DIYer does not want to do without convenient handling. With its brushless motor, the drill driver offers more power and a longer runtime than a conventional carbon brush motor. As a member of the Power X-Change family, the cordless drill driver is always ready for use - the high-quality lithium-ion batteries of the system series resist the usual battery self-discharge. In addition, all batteries of the system series can be combined with the drill driver.



The Einhell Pressito hybrid compressor is a multifunctional compressor with high-pressure and low-pressure pump as well as the option of low-pressure suction. The practical hybrid compressor can be operated with a power cable as well as with a powerful 18 volt system battery from the Power X-Change range (6in1 function). The Pressito with a high-pressure pump for inflating motor vehicle and wheel tyres is not only a perfect addition to the garage, but also ideal for on the go. The compressor is also a practical aid for sports when inflating balls directly at the court or for the last tyre check before a big bike trip. 

Cordless Light

2500 lumens bring a lot of light into the darkness

With 2,500 lumens, the Einhell battery lamp TE-CL 18/2500 LiAC - Solo brings a lot of light into the darkness. As a member of the Power X-Change family, all batteries of the system family can be combined with the lamp. The rechargeable lamp is practical not only in poorly lit places such as the cellar, the building site, the attic or in dark corners of the workshop. A handy rechargeable battery lamp also provides a full view of what is happening in the event of a power failure or on camping holidays, for night hikes, for walks after sunset and for other outdoor activities when a power-independent light source is not to be dispensed with. 

Cordless Impact Driver

Brushless motor - more power and longer runtime

The Einhell Cordless Impact Driver TE-CW 18 Li Brushless-Solo is the ideal addition to the care and maintenance of your home vehicle fleet. Instead of investing time and energy in changing tyres in spring and autumn, this practical helper loosens and tightens nuts in no time at all. The powerful impact wrench offers a convenient alternative to laborious loosening by hand. With the brushless motor, the impact wrench offers more power and a longer runtime than a conventional carbon brush motor. 

Cordless Hot Air Gun

Powerful heat gun with 2 temperature settings

The Einhell Cordless Hot Air Gun TE-HA 18 Li - Solo is a flexible member of the high-quality Power X-Change family. The powerful heat gun is equipped with two temperature settings: For gently shaping plastics in model making, for removing adhesive films or even for old varnish, adhesive residue and paint layers. The LED display shows the selected temperature level at a glance. The overheating protection ensures safe operation. The mechanical nozzle ejector makes it easy to remove the redirection nozzle, wide-jet nozzle and reflector nozzle included in the scope of delivery.

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