Do you want a beautifully shaped hedge in your garden? With the right hedge trimmer, you will have no problem maintaining and pruning your hedgesbushes and shrubs. We have just the right model for every project: Whether you opt for a cordless hedge trimmercordless telescopic hedge trimmerelectric hedge trimmerelectric pole hedge trimmer or a petrol hedge trimmer – with the tools from Einhell all your garden projects will be a success.

Different hedge trimmer models

Cordless hedge trimmers

Thanks to the rotatable handle, which is standard with many models, the cordless hedge trimmer can be optimally adapted to any working situation. Equipped with the smart Power X-Change system, the battery-powered hedge trimmer offers you a lot of power with great mobility. Depending on the model, the battery and rapid charger are included with the cordless hedge trimmer.

The laser-cut and diamond-ground steel blades of the cordless hedge trimmer guarantee particularly accurate and precise cuts. This means you can effortlessly cut any hedge into shape. The cordless hedge trimmer's metal gearbox also ensures a long service life. Thanks to the impact protection with holder, the cordless hedge trimmer can be stowed away to save space and easily mounted on a wall for storage.

Cordless telescopic hedge trimmers

The cordless telescopic hedge trimmer is perfect for cutting back taller bushes. So that you can make precise vertical and horizontal cuts at any height, some models allow you to tilt the cutting unit several times and adjust the main handle. Once you have finished working on the hedge, you can easily store the blade of your cordless telescopic hedge trimmer in the sturdy sheath.

Thanks to the metal gearbox, these tools with rechargeable batteries are particularly durable. Laser-cut and diamond-ground steel blades ensure precise and clean cuts. The adjustable additional handle that comes with some models can be easily adapted to your hedges and projects thanks to the practical quick-release. This tool makes it easy to trim hedges, bushes and shrubs to your liking.

Electric hedge trimmers

Connected to the mains power source, the electric hedge trimmer gives you maximum efficiency and you can work on your hedge without interruption. The laser-cut and diamond-ground steel blades are robust and ensure precise cuts. For maximum durability, the mains-powered electric hedge trimmer is also equipped with a metal gearbox.

An ergonomic handle, which is included as standard with all tools, lets you work through even a large hedge without any problems. Most electric models are equipped with an aluminium blade cover and impact protection to protect the tool. The cable strain relief protects the cable from damage and ensures that you can use your electric hedge trimmer in your garden for a long time without any problems.

Electric pole hedge trimmers

The electric pole hedge trimmer is also supplied with power via a cable. Depending on the model, either a telescopic handle or a telescopic extension is integrated here. This makes hedge trimming simple, even with taller bushes.

Thanks to the cutting angle adjustment, you can work particularly ergonomically. The adjustable carrying strap with quick-release distributes the weight of the tool better and allows you to perform even strenuous work without strain on your back. The adjustable additional handle provides a firm grip when working with the garden tool.

Petrol hedge trimmers

Want to give a long, tall hedge a trim? With older hedges, the branches are usually thicker, so you need a hedge trimmer with a lot of power. A petrol hedge trimmer from Einhell offers you the endurance you need.

Thanks to the powerful motor and the laser-cut blades with large tooth spacing, it can cut through thick branches effortlessly, allowing you to work flexibly and wirelessly, even over longer periods of time. The rotating handle and anti-vibration system take the strain off, so you can trim your hedge as comfortably and safely as possible with your petrol hedge trimmer.

Whether you opt for a cordless hedge trimmer, cordless telescopic hedge trimmer, electric hedge trimmer, electric pole hedge trimmer or a petrol hedge trimmer – we can help you find the right tool for every hedge. Einhell hedge trimmer guide

What to look out for when purchasing a hedge trimmer

Finding the right hedge trimmer for you isn't always easy given the wide range of hedge trimmers available. That's why it's even more important to consider the work you want to do with the tool before you buy it. In the following, we explain what you should always consider before making a purchase.

Cutting length and teeth spacing

If you want to cut a hedge or bush into a certain shape, a smaller cutting length is better suited to achieve a precise result. For cutting back a large garden hedge, the tool should have a longer cutting length.

The teeth spacing is also an important factor. The larger the teeth spacing is, the thicker the branches you will be able to cut.


When working with hedge trimmers, the weight is of great importance. If it is too heavy, you will find it difficult to move around your garden for a long time.

With cordless and electric hedge trimmers in particular, you benefit from the low weight many models boast. Essentially, the housings of the hedge trimmers are made of particularly robust and high-quality plastic, which keeps the weight low. So you can work easily in both senses of the word – even when you need to hold your hedge trimmer up above you.

Quality and equipment

Safety should always be a top priority! Of course, the two-hand switch with an automatic blade stop allows the machine to be stopped immediately in an emergency. Our petrol hedge trimmers are also equipped with an anti-vibration system to protect your hands and arms from fatigue and allow you to work comfortably.

The top quality features are the laser-cut and diamond-ground blades, which impress with their long-lasting sharpness. And the metal gearbox also testifies to the level of quality and ensures a long service life for the hedge trimmers.