Have more water than you want, and in places where it shouldn't be? With Einhell's waste water pumps, pumping out heavily polluted water is also no problem: whether for removing basement floods, for construction work, for pumping out water bodies outdoors, for certain jobs in the garden or for pumping out a pond – with a dirty water pump you are well equipped in every situation. Discover Einhell's powerful submersible dirt water pumps here and find out what the pumps can do and what you should pay attention to when making a purchase.

The different dirty water pumps from Einhell

Dirt water pumps with aquasensor

High output with lower power consumption? This is no problem for Einhell's ECO submersible dirt water pumps, as they deliver up to 20,000 litres per hour, depending on the pumping head. When it comes to the technology of how the pumps start, you can choose between pumps with integrated aquasensor or external float switch. With the innovative aquasensor technology, you can adjust the sensor to three automatic starting heights via a rotary switch. Thus, the compact submersible dirty water pump automatically detects as soon as the water level has reached one of the three defined starting heights and the pumping process begins. Switch-off also takes place automatically after the lower sensor has been reached and a preset follow-up time has been reached. Continuous operation with simultaneous monitoring is also possible.

Dirt water pumps with float switch

If you select a dirty water pump with float switch, you can manually adjust the starting height via the cable length, as described in the operating instructions. When the water level reaches the set level, the pump starts to operate. The switch-off also takes place via the cable length and thus avoids dry running of the pump. The float switch can also be used in continuous operation, but you should always keep an eye on whether the pump still has water available on the suction side to ensure it does not run dry and overheat.

Whether dirty water pumps with aquasensor or float switch or combination pumps for clear and dirty water – discover the submersible dirt water pumps from Einhell and find out which device suits your requirements. Einhell dirt water pumps guide

You should pay attention to this when purchasing a dirty water pump

There are a large number of dirt water pumps, some of which differ greatly in their design, performance characteristics and field of application. To help you find the right submersible dirty water pump for you and your projects, here are a few things to keep in mind when making a purchase.

Delivery height, pressure and flow rate

The maximum delivery height of a pump is closely related to the delivery pressure: With a delivery height of 10 metres, the device has, for example, a capacity of 1 bar, and at 0.8 bar, and the pump can deliver over 8 metres of water. The flow rate provides information about how many litres of water you can pump out per hour: With a flow rate of up to 23,000 litres, Einhell's dirt water pumps provide you with an enormous output, and the achievable flow rate also depends on the delivery height. This means that the higher you want to go, the less water can be extracted for physical reasons. The graphs in the user manual give you more information about this. Depending on the application, pumps with an immersion depth of between five and seven metres are recommended. With the right combination of delivery height, flow rate and immersion depth, you will find the pump that is suitable for your needs.

Clear water and dirty water

In contrast to clear water pumps, dirty water pumps can also drain the contaminated water from excavation pits and septic tanks, drain floods on the construction site or remove muddy water levels from deep shafts. With particle sizes of up to 40 millimetres, depending on the model, the dirt water pumps also easily absorb thicker sludge lumps, coarse particles and sandy water. Our range also includes 2-in-1 combi pumps, which are suitable for both dirty water and clear water. These combination pumps are equipped with a rotatable housing bottom, by means of which it is possible to switch continuously from the dirty water to clear water function up to flat-suction. In the case of flat-suction, the water is pumped off until the surface is wipe-dry to 1 mm. The minimum water level at which the submersible pump can operate is also relevant for your purchase. For example, our flat-suction models can work from a water level of 10 mm.

Quality and safety features

Our submersible dirt water pumps are durable and robust, not least thanks to the high-quality mechanical seals. A robust motor and pump housing made of either impact-resistant plastic, robust stainless steel or grey cast iron also contribute to you being able to enjoy your pump for a long time. The safety of the pump is also ensured by the thermal overload protection, which prevents overheating damage to the motor.