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We established our courier service to provide our customers with a comfortable solution. Our service facility is located in Budakeszi. Therefore, if you have a defective Einhell product with valid warranty, we will carry it to our service free of charge.

Once we receive the product, our service department examines it. Where we find the warranty claim founded, after the completion of the required repairs we will send the product (or a new product, if necessary) back, also free of charge. This service is chargeable if the warranty has expired.

If you deliver the defective product on your own, or you need further information, you can find the contact details of our service on our website.

Important information

Please note that MALL.HU, ALZA.HU, KAMODY.HU internet companies are not contracted with EINHELL Hungária Kft. Therefore, we do not offer the free pickup service for products purchased through these online companies.

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If everything is OK, you will just receive a confirmation email and we will send the courier for the product!