Cordless gardening is our speciality! This is proven by the numerous awards that our cordless lawn mowers have received in various product tests. For example, two of our cordless mowers have already been put through their paces by the Stiftung Warentest testing agency – and declared the test winner. With the Power X-Change cordless lawn mowers you benefit in several ways: Thanks to innovative battery technology, you can use the Power X-Change batteries not only for lawn mowing, but also for all other tools and garden tools in the system family. Without annoying cables or polluting exhaust fumes, give your lawn the care it deserves. In addition, thanks to our extensive range, you have the agony of choice – and at the best price-performance ratio! Whether a mulching mower or self-propelled mower, compact city mower or power pack for large areas – here's where to find it.

Battery-powered lawn mowers for cordless lawn care

18 V or 36 V cordless lawn mowers

Maximum battery power for maximum mowing performance: The cordless lawn mowers from the Power X-Change system use the energy from up to two 18V li-ion batteries to mow even large gardens quickly and easily. While the manoeuvrable and lightweight 18V lawn mowers are ideal for smaller gardens, you can also combine the power of two Power X-Change batteries for large lawns thanks to Twin-Pack technology. In addition to the conventional 36V lawn mowers, you will also find models that offer double the runtime thanks to Double Twin-Pack technology. In these devices, four batteries can be plugged in at the same time. If the first two batteries are empty, the device automatically switches to the other two batteries.

Kit: Lawn mowers with battery and charger

Buy your lawn mower from the Power X-Change system now as a complete set with battery and charger. Our special kit offers and cordless lawn mower sets are all-round carefree packages for your quick start to wireless lawn care. What are the advantages of these kits? You'll find everything you need to start using your cordless lawn mower. This includes: Your model of lawn mower, one, two or even four powerful li-ion batteries, and the corresponding charger or double charger. You don't need to buy any additional batteries or chargers. Simply charge the batteries and start straight away! Incidentally, in times when you aren't using your cordless lawn mower – for example in winter – you don't just have to leave the Einhell Power X-Change batteries lying around, you can use them in all the other devices in the system family.

Lawn mowers with different cutting widths

Think a large lawn is automatically a job for a petrol-powered lawn mower? In addition to our powerful lithium-ion batteries, the cutting width of your lawn mower also plays a decisive role. With a large cutting width, you can mow wider strips, which saves a lot of time, especially with larger lawns. Compact, manoeuvrable and lighter mowers with a small cutting width are also a good choice in small or angled gardens. With a cutting width of up to 48 cm and four battery slots, the Einhell cordless lawn mower GE-CM 36/48 Li M-Solo, for example, can cover an area of up to 1000 m² and is in no way inferior to a petrol lawn mower. It even offers much more advantages than a petrol model, because it works completely without exhaust gases, has less weight and starts at the push of a button.

Cordless lawn mowers for small and large surface areas

Whether a large or small garden – thanks to our extensive range of cordless mowers, you are sure to find the right device for your needs. For each cordless lawn mower you will find an indication of the recommended lawn area. This is determined specifically for each model on the basis of a consistent test procedure. In these tests, factors such as cutting height, battery capacity and cutting width play an important role. Depending on the nature of the lawn, the values may vary slightly. The size of the grass collection basket is also important when choosing your lawn mower. The larger the volume of the collection container, the more grass you can collect in it before you need to empty it. This allows you to mow larger areas without many interruptions.

Our electric lawn mowers with battery operation offer many practical features that make working in your garden even easier and more convenient. Find out what functions our models have in store for you. Einhell cordless lawn mower guide

Functions and features of our cordless lawn mowers

Brushless motor with the benefit of a warranty

Are you looking for a cordless lawn mower that can compete with petrol and electric lawn mowers when it comes to performance? Then take a look at our lawn mower models with a brushless motor! This not only ensures maximum performance, but, unlike conventional carbon brush motors, is also maintenance-free and more durable, because it is subject to hardly any wear due to friction of the carbon brushes. If you specifically choose an Einhell cordless lawn mower with a PurePOWER brushless motor, you also benefit from the warranty: after registering your device online, the PurePOWER engine is covered for a full 10 years!

Self-propelled – Cordless lawn mower with wheel drive

Pushing around heavy devices is a thing of the past! Today, many cordless lawn mowers from Einhell come with their own wheel drive, which makes them drive almost by themselves. For example, thanks to the variable Vario-Speed wheel drive on the rear wheel of the cordless lawn mower GP-CM 36/47 S HW Li, you can easily master even demanding mowing work and steep sections in your garden. Vario-Speed means that you can continuously adjust the speed of the drive and adapt it to your needs at any time. You can easily control the wheel drive using the handle. It's never been so easy, quick and effortless to mow your lawn!

Cordless lawn mowers with mulching function

Imagine not only being able to mow the grass with your lawn mower, but also fertilising the lawn at the same time. This is exactly what the mulching function on many of our cordless lawn mowers offers. By inserting the supplied mulching wedge, you can quickly convert your mower into a cordless mulching mower. The mulching wedge ensures that the grass is further broken down. The material broken down in this way is then evenly distributed on the lawn by the mower in the same work step. There it acts as a natural fertiliser and contributes to the healthy growth of the lawn. Only want to mulch with your cordless lawn mower? Then you could take a closer look at the cordless lawn mower GE-CM 36/48 Li M specially designed for mulching!

Side ejection and rear ejection deflector

In ordinary lawn mowing, the cuttings are collected in the collection basket and disposed of at the end. If you want to mow tall grass, there is a risk that the mower will clog faster. Some Einhell cordless lawn mowers are equipped with a side ejection function. As a result of this side ejection, the material to be mowed is not collected in the collection bag, but is distributed as a “side strip” during mowing. This can be helpful when mowing tall grass, orchards or when mowing near the edge of the property. The deflector ejection, on the other hand, is a controlled rear ejection, it throws the grass directly under the lawn mower, i.e. where the collection basket would otherwise be. However, the grass is not broken down more here, as with the mulching function.

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Tips for how to get the most out of cordless lawn mowers

Ergonomic working

Gardening can be exhausting. So, it is all the more important that you adjust your Einhell lawn mower optimally. Depending on the model, you can adjust the height of the guide rail or telescope it. Once you have adjusted your mower to your height, you can mow your lawn ergonomically and in an upright, back-friendly position.

Determining the cutting height

In addition to the cutting width, the cutting height is also a decisive value for lawn mowers. You can adjust them both for optimal cutting results. Depending on the lawn mower model, you can adjust the height centrally by lever or axially on the two wheel axles. The cutting heights of the Einhell cordless lawn mowers are between 25 mm and 75 mm and can be adjusted in up to 6 steps for certain models.

Volume of the collection basket

Like the cutting width and the battery capacity (Ah), the size of the collection basket also influences which garden sizes the cordless lawn mower is suitable for. The higher the volume of the collection basket, the less often you have to empty it when mowing large areas. With the level indicator you can always see how full the collection basket is. In the Einhell lawn mower range you will find collection baskets with capacities between 25 and 75 litres made of flexible nylon, durable sturdy plastic or half each made of both materials. While the nylon collection sacks are lighter in weight, plastic collection baskets are easier to clean.

Space-saving and tidy

Is equipment piling up in your garden shed, leaving you little space left? With a cordless lawn mower from Einhell, this is not a big problem thanks to the foldable guide bar. When you fold in the guide bar, the compact lawn mower will find a suitable storage place in any shed. Incidentally, in the cold, especially during the mower's winter break, you should store the batteries separately so that they can give the mower the necessary drive again in spring. For easy transport from A to B or up and down stairs, the cordless lawn mowers also have a carrying handle.

In our FAQ we answer the most frequently asked questions about our cordless lawn mowers. Any more questions about our cordless lawnmowers?

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Here you will find an overview of the most important questions and answers about our cordless lawnmowers.

Why does the grass remain lying when mowing?

There can be several reasons why grass is left lying around when you mow. For example, it is often because the grass has simply grown too high or is too wet. If these two reasons are ruled out, you should try to reduce the driving speed when mowing.

What does mulching actually mean?

When mulching, the clippings are shredded in the closed mower housing and distributed on the lawn. By distributing the clippings, the soil is enriched with nutrients again. In addition, the soil is protected from drying out too quickly. In general, it can be said that mulching can be done with any lawn mower, or that this possibility exists in principle, but certain conditions should be met:

  • Mulching is only possible on relatively short lawns.
  • Use of the mulching blade to achieve an optimum result.
  • Unhook the catcher bag / catcher box, insert the mulching adapter into the discharge opening and close the discharge flap.

How long can I mow with my cordless lawnmower?

The working time / running time of the cordless lawnmower depends on the following factors:

  • Charge status of the battery
  • Performance characteristics of the battery used (take into account the Ah rating)
  • Condition of the lawn area to be mown