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Leaf vacuums and leaf blowers from Einhell Powerful garden assistants

Removing leaves from large and small lawns is quick and easy with the powerful electric and cordless leaf vacuums and leaf blowers from Einhell. Tedious raking in the garden is now a thing of the past. The large selection of different cabled and or battery-powered devices means that you can find the right leaf blower or leaf vacuum for every garden. Leaf vacuums can be used to remove not only the autumn leaves that fall each year but also other material such as green cuttings or chippings without any problems. This means your lawns can breathe freely again in no time and the danger of wet, slippery leaves on pavements is quickly averted. You won't want to put this garden device down!

Overview of the different leaf vacuums and leaf blowers

Flexibility with the cordless leaf blower

If you want to quickly and easily remove leaves, dust or other dirt from your garden, patio, courtyard or walkway, a cordless leaf blower from Einhell is a good choice. Thanks to their high battery capacity, the Power X-Change batteries allow you to move freely around your property without even having to think about having a suitable power outlet nearby. Cordless leaf blowers are light and agile, unlike petrol leaf blowers, which are now a thing of the past at Einhell. Our leaf blowers are also handylight and particularly powerful. So, you can blow away any dirt from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

The cordless leaf vacuum – an all-rounder

With a cordless leaf vacuum, your days of cable chaos are behind you. With the leaf vacuum from the Power X-Change family, you don't need a power connection or extension cable to clear your garden of leaves and green cuttings. Thanks to the battery and its low weight, you can move freely with the leaf vacuum and, thanks to the high suction power, you can easily vacuum up not only leaves but also smaller branches or similar garden waste. Carrying strap and guide wheels on the suction pipe take the strain off you while working. The cordless leaf vacuums are also equipped with a blowing function, and an integrated shredder function shreds the leaves before they arrive in the large collection sack. This makes it perfect for composting and saves a lot of space in your garden bin.

Full power with the electric leaf vacuum

If there is a power outlet, it is best to use an electric leaf vacuum for large areas. With the cabled device, you can get started and vacuum up large quantities of leaves at any time, without having to worry about battery life or charging times. The electric leaf vacuums from Einhell are powerful and clean. Thanks to tool-free switching between suction and blowing functions, the electric leaf vacuum is flexible in every possible way. In addition, suction and blowing power can be easily regulated. The integrated shredder function shreds soft material before it arrives in the collection sack. Guide rollers on the suction pipe, a carrying strap and the ergonomic handle make for comfortable use and optimal weight relief.

Our cordless and electric leaf vacuums and leaf blowers offer many practical features that make working in your garden at home even more convenient. Here you can find out what functions our different models have in store for you. Einhell leaf vacuum and leaf blower guide

Advantages of Einhell leaf blowers and leaf vacuums

To make your gardening easier, you'll obviously want to choose the best leaf vacuum or leaf blower. You can find out about the advantages of Einhell devices and why you should opt for one of our leaf blowers or leaf vacuums here:

Flexibility thanks to Power X-Change

With a cordless leaf vacuum or leaf blower, you can remove leaves and dirt with complete flexibility. The lithium-ion batteries you need can also be used in other devices in the Power X-Change family. This means that the batteries will not only be used in your cordless leaf vacuum or leaf blower in the autumn, but also throughout the year for other cordless tools and gardening equipment from Einhell. The battery and corresponding charger are available separately at an attractive price.

Clean technology with impressive power

At Einhell, we have made the conscious decision to say yes to cordless and electric leaf vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers and to say no to petrol models, because these are usually not only heavier, but also cause more noise and the exhaust fumes from petrol motors pollute the environment. Both our electric and our cordless devices offer maximum performance and high endurance – and boast a favourable price-performance ratio.

Handy features for easy working

Whether it's a flexible cordless leaf blower or a classic electric leaf vacuum, our garden tools have been developed to make your work easier. That's why, depending on the model, we have added features that should really help you out. On leaf vacuums from Einhell you can find guide wheels at the end of the suction pipe as well as carrying strap. An ergonomic handle also makes leaf vacuuming or blowing for long periods of time light work. With our leaf blowers you can also switch from the vacuum to the blowing function, either by using a switch attached to the device or with a simple, tool-free swap of the suction and blowing pipes.

Tips to get the most out of your leaf vacuums and leaf blowers

Ideal weather conditions

To remove leaves and dirt lying around as efficiently and cleanly as possible with the leaf blower, a windless, dry day is recommended. This makes it easier for you to control where the leaves are blown.

Ideally, it should be a few days since it last rained, but not as much as several weeks. Wet leaves are more difficult to vacuum up with a leaf vacuum and make the device dirtier than it should be. If you have had a long dry spell, be prepared for your leaf blower or leaf vacuum to kick up more dirt and dust.

Making good use of autumn leaves

Lawns should always be free of leaves so that the grass can breathe. However, the removed leaves do not have to be disposed of. If you have a leaf blower to hand, you can pile up the leaves in a corner sheltered from the wind. Local wildlife will find shelter in the pile of leaves to protect themselves from the cold in winter. If you prefer to remove the leaves, it is best to use a leaf vacuum. The shredder function shreds leaves before they arrive in the collection sack. You can then compost the shredded leaves – ideally with the last green cuttings – and create humus for the next gardening season. To shred branches that are too big for the leaf vacuum, why not take a closer look at Einhell's shredders.